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FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Where I can find out more information on the rentals?

To go along with the FAQ below, we have a easy to read PDF available with details on gear, pricing, shipping times and cost, what we require and of course, a list of all the games. View our Virtual Reality Rental Information PDF.

When is a particular item next available?

Please see under the pricing on each item for the date it's next available. If you need something sooner, unfortunately I may not be able to help there, but it can't hurt to email me to double check. Please note on most days I'm quickest to respond during the morning or evening.

How can I check if my computer can handle VR?

Steam host a completely free VR Performance Test which will benchmark your computer and tell you how it may fare running VR. Naturally it's only an indicator, not a guarantee, but it's pretty comprehensive test. Kinda like those tests at the doctors where they take test tubes after test tube after test tube of your blood. Very comprehensive.

What if my computer can't run VR?

We rent computers too! They're already setup for VR, have great specs, come with loads of games, and still have about 700 gb of free space on the SSD, so you're welcome to install and uninstall your own games too.

Can other people see what I see?

Yes, you can connect your PC to a monitor or TV, and that will display what the person wearing the headset can see. Because the headset will probably take up your computers HDMI port, if you don't have another port, that's no worries, we include a DVI to HDMI adapter with each rental. So if your computer has a DVI port (long, rectangle shaped, has more pins than your grandma's sewing kit) and you have a spare HDMI cable, you'll be set.

When does my rental begin?

We aim to have your gear delivered on the day you select the rental to start. Occasionally it may arrive a day earlier (freebie bonus!) and very rarely later because of courier post delays or other issues. In the case it arrives later, your rental begins on the day it does arrive, and the end of your rental is extended also.

This is rare, but it's also why we recommend for any event or such where you require the gear on a certain date, please book the rental to start at least 3 business days before you absolutely need it. Aside from Courier delays, this covers you for any issues setting it up. That's also rare, but like your mother probably told you, better safe than sorry. Although your mother also probably told you not to sit so close to the TV, or your eyes will go square. Look ma, see how close the screens in this headset are!

How do I return the rental?

On the day your rental ends, the parcel just needs to be returned to any NZ Post shop before their last pickup (usually around 4pm to 5pm at latest). The prepaid courier sticker we give you with the gear, just gets stuck on the parcel, they scan it and give you a receipt, and you're done. Easy. But also sad, because goodbyes are always hard.

How long should I rent for?

You're asking the person who rents them how long you should rent one for? Many months, and I'll give you a discount. No but seriously, I would recommend a week rental if it's within your budget. The reason being that for many people it takes a few days to get your "VR legs", and build up to being able to spend longer sessions in VR. Not that having it for one weekend isn't awesome, but with the shorter rentals you're under more pressure to use it as much as possible, and the longer sessions are more enjoyable once you've gotten used to VR.

Do you sell headsets?

We don't I'm sorry, but the Oculus Rift ships quickly these days if you order online, and the HTC Vive does too. The Vive is also available at a growing number of New Zealand stores, and I'd recommend PriceSpy.co.nz to see who has them.

Do you rent Samsung Gear, Samsung Odyssey, OSVR, Google Daydream, Microsoft Hololens, StarVR, or Infinitus Prime tVR?

At present we only rent the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift CV1 and PlayStation VR. However please let us know if you'd like a particular headset and of course the more requests we get, the more we'll look into getting some.

Have More Questions?

Please use our Contact Us page and I'm more than happy to help answer any questions you may have. Except maybe about where your socks go missing, unfortunately I can't help there.