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Nerf Laser Tag

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Next Available Date: 27/10/2017


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3 Days: $2.50  

Next Available Date: 27/10/2017

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3 Days: $2.50  
Next Available Date: 27/10/2017

Birthday parties, office events, family reunions, team building... Laser Tag is popular with any age. These Nerf's Phoenix LTX Lazer Taggers work in or outdoors, even in bright sun. They're great at parks, playgrounds, schools, or anywhere you can run around (with permission when using them on private property of course). We have a total of 18 guns available for rent.

Safe For Eyes - No actual lasers - The guns actually use infrared, but still manage a range of up to 30 meters, and in some conditions, up to 100 meters.

Create your own games like capture the flag, defend the king/queen, one vs everyone, stop the bomb, or of course play one team vs another team, or a total free for all. Each gun can be set to Solo, Team 1 or Team 2, plus you can select how many lives each player has, and how much shield time they have. These give you a lot of freedom to create your own games with your own rules, and they're all done by simple switches on the guns themselves, no messing around.

The guns are well made and have an accurate long range, in particular with the included scopes. There's a built-in rumble pack, plus LED's for lives and ammo. When you're out of ammo or just want to reload, pressing the triggers on the back pop out the 'empty cartridge', and you push it back in.

We also offer Shotgun attachments as an option, which can add another level to your games. Please see the Accessories tab for more details.


  • Works Indoors or Outdoors, in Sun or Dark
  • Maximum range of 30 meters, or 100m in ideal conditions with VERY good aim!
  • Taggers in two colors: Blue or Gold
  • Electronic Green Scope Accessory (included in rental)
  • Built-In Rumble Pack
  • Physical Reloading ('ammo core' pops partly out of gun, push it back in)
  • Guns can be set to Solo, Team 1 or Team 2
  • Lives can be set at 10 or 25 (or less if shot to desired lives pre-match)
  • Shield for 15 or 30 seconds (or zero if drained pre-match)
  • Runs on 6 AA batteries (included in rental)


  • Nerf Phoenix LTX Tagger
  • Nerf Phoenix LTX Scope
  • 6 x AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Instructions

Security Bond:

There's a security bond of $10 per gun, and a replacement cost for damaged or lost guns at $100 each.

What else do you need?

Possibly extra batteries, depending on how long you play for, but we do provide a completely fresh set with each gun (each gun takes 6 x AA batteries).

Shotgun Attachment:

This clip on attachment to the Lazer Tag guns expands your custom game possibilities. For example they could be 'power ups' to rush and grab, or games such as everyone vs the people with shotguns, or team leaders come equipped with shotguns.

Their gun continues to work like normal, but when they rack it back like a shotgun however, they can shoot multiple targets at once, and boost hit damage. You really don't want to mess with someone rocking this bad boy! We have 2 of these to rent, one in Blue, one in Gold.

Phoenix LTX Shotgun Attachment

Shipping Prices

We use Courier Post to ship nationwide, and shipping is charged per item. The shipping price includes return.

Within Christchurch: $5 each way = $10 total
South Island (Overnight): $14.95 each way = $29.90 total
North Island (2 - 3 Business Days): $14.95 each way = $29.90 total
North Island (Overnight): $26.95 to you + $14.95 return = $41.90 total
+ $4 for Rural

When does my rental begin?

We aim to have your gear delivered on the day you select the rental to start. Occasionally it may arrive a day earlier (freebie bonus!) and very rarely later because of courier post delays or other issues. In the case it arrives later, your rental begins on the day it does arrive, and the end of your rental is extended also.

This is rare, but it's also why we recommend for any event or such where you require the gear on a certain date, please book the rental to start at least 3 business days before you absolutely need it. Aside from Courier delays, this covers you for any issues setting it up. That's also rare, but like your mother probably told you, better safe than sorry. Although your mother also probably told you not to sit so close to the TV, or your eyes will go square. Look ma, see how close the screens in this headset are!

How do I return the rental?

On the day your rental ends, the parcel just needs to be returned to any NZ Post shop before their last pickup (usually around 4pm to 5pm at latest). The prepaid courier sticker we give you with the gear, just gets stuck on the parcel, they scan it and give you a receipt, and you're done. Easy. But also sad, because goodbyes are always hard.

Can You Rent?

You need to be 18 or older (unless married), have a valid NZ drivers license or valid NZ passport, and be able to afford the full replacement costs of the item if needed. Those costs are detailed in the T&C's below

What Happens In Addition to Checkout

❶ You'll need to email us a photo or scan of your ID to upload. Either a valid NZ drivers license or valid NZ passport.

❷ You need to read and sign the Terms and Conditions, and email us a photo or scan of that. You can electronically sign if it adequately identifies you as a match to your ID.

I know it's common to skip reading the terms and conditions, but for your own protection it really is important to read these. They cover a lot of potential costs which you must be able to afford if you're renting, and have been kept as easy to read as possible.

If you have any questions at all, please do feel free to e-mail and ask.

The Rental Terms and Conditions:

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