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We'll contact you within 24 hours to confirm the dates and hardware you select in the next section of the form is available, and also to request a copy of your valid ID (e.g. NZ Drivers License or NZ Passport. If you don't have either of those forms of ID, please let us know in the comments section of the form so we can consider alternative forms.

HTC Vive, optional Games

HTC Vive Pro (Fully booked from Sep 24 - Oct 8th), optional Games

HTC Vive Cosmos (From early October), optional Games

Samsung Odyssey+, optional Games

HP Reverb, optional Games

Oculus Rift, optional Games

Oculus Rift S, optional Games (Next shipping Wed Sep 18th)

Oculus Quest with Games

Oculus Go Twin Pack with Games

PlayStation VR with Games

Set of Light Stands

Gaming Desktop PC with Games

PlayStation 4 Pro Console

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GST Content :

Total Price :

Refundable Security Deposit : $199 (for non-business rentals)