Virtual Reality for Events

Virtual Reality being used in a store

Hiring Virtual Reality for your event is an awesome way to attract visitors to your expo booth and fantastic in office parties, team building sessions or client presentations. We make it easy with pre-installed software, simple to follow instructions and great support.

Renting VR Since 2013

We wouldn't say 'we're world famous in New Zealand since ages ago', but we were the first in the world to rent virtual reality. With 10 years experience hiring virtual reality, and having put thousands of people through VR at events ourselves, we know the gear very well and we know what works great at events.

All our reviews, completely unfiltered, can be read by clicking any of these links:

Facebook Review Star Facebook Review Star Facebook Review Star Facebook Review Star Facebook Review Star 5 out of 5 on Facebook

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TrustPilot 5 Stars Excellent on TrustPilot

Charity Rentals

Are you a registered charity looking to use VR at an official event? Please check out our VR rentals for charities page.

Attract a crowd

Just like when there's footy on, a TV draws people in. With VR, everyone around can see what the headset is showing on your TV or monitor. Any TV or monitor with an HDMI input will work, but if needed we can help arrange a TV rental too, including a vertical stand, delivery, setup of the TV and pack-down. Some headsets don't require a TV, but its better at the event with one.

Virtual Reality being used in a winter festival

VR Experiences

From extreme to extremely relaxing, there's all sorts of virtual experiences and games. You could have guests walk a creaky wooden plank out an 80-story high building, sit them in a roller coaster where the track breaks part way through, give them a break from the hustle and bustle with some quiet time in guided meditation, or anything in between. We can help recommend experiences and games to fit with your event, and pre-load them onto the hardware. Our recommendations would be based on your theme, quality and fun of the software and ease of use for guests including people who don't play videogames.

Virtual Reality being used in a school


Hardware rental

This varies depending on the selection and length, but these are a few examples of 5 night rentals excluding GST. These prices aren't per night either, they're for the full length of the rental.

  • An Oculus Rift S and Gaming PC are $173.91 per set. Four sets for example would come to $695.64.
  • A Meta Quest Pro, when you want to show off the latest and greatest VR, would come to $213.04.
  • A pair of Oculus Go headsets (pictured further down) is just $86.96 per set of two, and is ideal for simple VR experiences or 360-degree videos.

Postage Nationwide

Our gear is shipped nationwide with NZ Post's Courier service and prepaid return labels are included for an easy return. We don't add any additional cost onto NZ Post's prices, which are $14.74 ex. GST each way, or less in Christchurch. "Last minute" bookings to the North Island need a faster Courier Post option which they charge $14.09 for per parcel. To help keep your shipping costs down, we can safely ship two Quest 2 or two Oculus Go (pictured below) sets in one compact parcel.

Other costs

Wipes: For hygiene we recommend wipes like Dettol wipes, often about $10 for a 120 pack at Countdown. For events, a TV or monitor with an HDMI input is ideal, and we can help arrange a rental for that too if needed.

Optional Headphones: Many headsets have built-in headphones and the ones that don't have built-in speakers, but we also offer headphones to rent which are ideal in busy noisy environments.

Wi-Fi: If you need Wi-Fi but don't have access to it, for example for multiplayer games or to share what the Quest Pro, Quest 2 or Go headsets are showing on a TV, we rent a Wi-Fi Router that connects to the mobile network. Our Wi-Fi Router is all set up, ready to plugin and use.

Software: Lastly, some games and experiences are free but there may be a cost for software depending on what you choose.

Virtual Reality being used at a safety event

Keen to chat?

Please feel free to email us on and we can give you a call too if you'd like.


  • Is it hygienic?
    We have modified the headsets with an easily wipeable, but still soft and comfortable, padding around the lenses. Gear receives a detailed clean here, and during rentals wipes such as Dettol wipes can be used for a clean between guests.
  • What ages are suitable for VR?
    Our gear has been used from school holiday programmes to retirement homes. We recommend it for ages 7 and up though, as headsets may not fit snuggly in younger kids and they could be more likely to walk beyond the boundary. Although for seated VR experiences, a thick jersey or hoody can help make a better fit, or a parent to help hold the headset.
  • Do we need internet / Wi-Fi?
    We know Wi-Fi at venues isn't always the best, so unless the software chosen requires it, Wi-Fi won't be needed. The Quest 2, Quest Pro and Oculus Go use Wi-Fi to display what the headsets are showing to a TV. For cases where you would like to do that but don't have Wi-Fi, we rent a Wi-Fi Router that connects to the mobile network. Our Wi-Fi Router is all set up, ready to plugin and use.
  • How do I set it up?
    We provide simple to follow instructions and we're proud to say people in reviews have found our support and service great.