How VR Rentals Work

We ship throughout New Zealand using NZ Post's courier service, and include a pre-paid ticket for you to return the gear at any local post office. The time spent in shipping doesn't count in your rental period.

We've also got a page to help you choose VR that suits particular events, for example how the Quest 2 is a great option for birthdays, and to see how the equipment compares, such as how much floor space is required, where they work, what else is needed, how the tracking and screen resolution compare, and more.

Essentially the steps for a rental are:

Step 1

Choose your gear using our Booking Form, and as you choose items, it'll provide you with a quote for the cost, including shipping. There is also a single security deposit of $150 on each personal rental. The terms and conditions of rentals can also be seen on our Terms and Conditions page.

If you're renting a PC based headset (the Oculus Quest 2 / Pro, Pico 4 and Oculus Go don't require PCs) and would like to check your PC can handle VR, please see the PC Requirements section of the headset product pages. If it turns out you do need a PC, we also rent those.

Step 2

We'll check the dates and gear you've requested, to make sure they're available.

Step 3

We'll email you to confirm the gear is available and we'll send you a copy of the Terms and Conditions. These, along with a copy of your valid photo ID, can be sent back to us. We'll also include our bank account for payment, but there is nothing to pay until it's nearly time to post your gear.

Step 4

The gear is sent to you, along with a PDF of setup instructions and you're welcome to contact us if any questions or issues pop up, either via email, txt or call. That includes evenings and weekends.

Step 5

When it's the last date of your rental, simply package everything safely back in the box, and place our included pre-paid return Courier ticket on the box. Then it can be dropped off and scanned at any local Post Office, before their last pickup for the day (usually around 4-5pm). Once it's arrived back here and been tested, the security bond will also be refunded to your bank account as per the terms and conditions.