Hire Oculus Go Twin Pack

Rental Pricing:

  • $100 - Up to 5 Nights
  • $138 - Up to 7 Nights
  • $19.71 - Additional Nights Beyond 7
  • Long Term Rentals Available

+ Refundable Security Deposit of $199 per rental (not per item)

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No PC Required!

Easily enter virtual reality with no PC or wires attached. Oculus Go 64 GB is a standalone VR headset. With no PC required, the setup is super simple. Just pop in one of the included AA batteries into the controller, turn the headset on, and place it on your head. You can connect it to Wi-Fi to download experiences, but Wi-Fi isn't required for using the headset.

At present each headset rented comes with a second one for free. With a battery life of 2 - 2 1/2 hours, and recharge time of 3 hours max, you can keep switching between them while one charges, for 360 videos at events, expos and such. Plus we also offer a small external battery (11cm long x 2.5cm in diameter) which can be used when up to 7 hours of battery life is needed.

For events, the headsets are pre-loaded with an app to automatically play your 360 degree video, and when the next guest puts the headset on, it automatically starts playing from the beginning for them. There's no need for guests to use the controller, making it super simple.

Invisible built-in headphones provide the sound, or you can use a headphone jack with any standard headphones. A clip on spacer for glasses mean people who need glasses can still wear the headset (just not with bifocal lenses).

  • 2 x Oculus Go Headsets
  • 2 x Glasses Spacers Pre-Installed
  • 2 x VR Cover Facial Interfaces
  • 2 x VR Covers
  • 2 x Micro USB Charging Cables
  • 2 x USB Charger Power Plugs
  • 2 x Wireless Controller
  • 4 x Eneloop Pro AA Batteries for controllers
  • 2 x Cleaning Cloths
  • 2 x Eyewear Spacer Attachments (pre-inserted)

For certain experiences, Wi-Fi internet may be required, such as YouTube for example. This includes streaming video apps, downloading new apps and more. If you need to confirm a specific app will work without Wi-Fi internet, please do feel free to ask us.

We'll charge everything up and test it all prior to sending, and if you've got a video to play, it's extremely easy to load it onto the headset. That's done by plugging the headset into a PC via the included cable, and then copying your file over, as you would with a USB drive or similar.

The setup couldn't be easier, it just involves popping our included AA battery into the controller, and pressing the power button on the headset.

To download extra experiences onto the headset, it can be connected to Wi-Fi by typing in your Wi-Fi password.

If you're using this for a 360 degree video, by plugging the headset into a PC with our included USB cable you can also easily copy videos onto the headset. Or for a small additional fee we can install your own 360 degree videos in advance.

Details on how the rental works, comparisons of the different headsets, frequently asked questions and more, are all available in our Virtual Reality Rental Guide.